ProActive Exteriors is a Storm Restoration General Contractor. We specialize in helping our customers re-build their property, back to their original condition prior to a storm taking place.

We work on both Residential and Commercial properties.


Typical Storm Damages are Hail Storms and/or Wind Storms.  Missing shingles are an example of a wind event that has come through your neighborhood and blown off sections of your roof.  Your insurance company is responsible to pay for that damage.


Hail Storms are another very common cause of serious damage to your property.  This damage is sometimes very easy to see if you’ve encountered large hail.  However, sometimes small to medium sized hail causes significant long term damage to many items on your home or property that the typical person does not know how to identify.

This is where the experts at ProActive Exteriors come in.  All of the members of our field staff have numerous years experience in handling these types of claims and identifying different types of damage to your home and property.  Whether that damage is to the shingles on your roof, gutters, screens, windows, fencing, or any part of your property, our team knows how to find it.

insuranceThis is important because in order to get your home back to the condition that it was in prior to the storm, we must ensure that the insurance company’s adjuster sees all of the damaged items.  If you’ve already had an adjuster inspect your property, our team will examine your property again and make sure nothing was missed.

It is very easy to miss things when a storm hits thousands of homes all at one time.

If we see anything missing from your insurance companies original first estimate we will inform the insurer of these additional items with photos and proper documentation so they can add those items to your claim. Your only out of pocket expense is the deductible.

Then, it’s up to our Top Notch Crews to replace and re-build your property back to its’ original conditions, and usually a heck of a lot better!!!

GIVE US A CALL TODAY!  We will get you squared away in no time!


This is what typical hail damage looks like.  Of course this was a large hail storm, but sometimes small to medium sized hail damage is not so obvious to see.  But over the long term life of your roof, it is important to let an expert inspect your roof to see if it has been compromised and had its’ life expectancy reduced.

Our professional crews will get your property back to better than new!